• Love my lamp warmer

    This is a great alternative to a candle plus for me, even better, is that it’s pretty and adds to the aesthetics. It is also functional and has a timer plus an adjuster to the light, so that’s great as well. Again, I like that it’s simple and elegant!

  • Very pretty candle warmer lamp

    This candle warmer lamp is beautiful and useful. I love the timer function and the fact that you can adjust the light/heat for more or less candle scent. I use it as a bedside lamp. This would also make a great gift.

  • A great alternative to flames!

    This has been a game changer for my candle burning. I love the timer for when I forget its on. It burns the candle so evenly. The only downside is how long it takes to start melting the wax, but worth it if you want to burn for a long period of time without fumes and flames.